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AAM Supports Canadian “JournalismIS” Campaign

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

AAM is proud supporter of JournalismIS, a broad-based campaign celebrating the contributions of quality Canadian journalism, through advertising and online conversation. Learn more.

Joan Brehl, Vice President and General Manager, AAM Canada

The Alliance for Audited Media is proud to support JournalismIS, an advertising campaign that was recently launched by a

coalition of professional associations, unions and media organizations in Canada to show the value and benefits of

professional journalism.

JournalismIS celebrates the contributions of quality Canadian journalism, through advertising and online conversation, and

marks the first phase of a longer term effort to mobilize the media industry and public to support professional journalism

throughout the nation.

“Journalists are thoroughly trained and deeply committed to their profession, and you see the results every day in news

stories that are interesting, reliable and always striving for the truth,” said Mary Agnes Welch, former president of the

Canadian Association of Journalists, reporter for the Winnipeg Free Press, and spokesperson for the campaign.

“Our campaign is aimed at initiating a wider conversation about the value of journalism and what we all need to do to

support a robust journalistic culture in Canadian society.”

JournalismIS is supported by a number of national and local newspapers, broadcasters, journalist associations, unions and

industry groups, including:

  • Ryerson School of Journalism

  • Unifor

  • Canadian Association of Journalists (CAJ)

  • The Globe and Mail

  • Toronto Star and Metroland Papers

  • Bell Media CTV

  • Postmedia

  • Communications Workers of America

  • Newspapers Canada

  • TC Media

  • Winnipeg Free Press

  • Black Press

  • National Observer



  • Glacier Media Group

  • National Newswatch

  • Carleton University School of Journalism & Communication

  • Canadian Media Guild

  • Conestoga

Visit to learn more about the campaign and join the conversation by using #JournalismIS on social media.

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